i am so freaking pissed. why is it that every monday morning i wanna start my week happy but always find something on my desk to piss the hell outta me?

damn. minutes ago, i came to work, feeling happy and calm, ready to start a week of hectic business. and i saw my toblerone bar chocolate shorter than when i left it last week. all my crayon pencils being torn a section more, showing more crayon than when i left it. things different from when i left it. my chair elevated to the max. my biscuit box not covered tight. the cover was just left on top and i wonder if the biscuit has gone soft. my sweets all over the place.

i am very annoyed.

i do not want to go to the extent of keeping everything on my desk into my drawers everytime i go home each day. that would be so troublesome and inconvenient for me. 🙁

what can i do?