when the music stops…
the night comes to a standstill..
the silence engulfs me…
my head turns woozy..

that’s what happens when my ipod stops playing mid-run.

did a really short run today. was it the first since i started the new job? i missed it. somehow. somewhat.

the trees look familiar, the songs bring memories, the benches bring a smile. i thought about a lot of things. some old, some new. images. memories.

some that triggers the thought – has it come to all that? naught?

i kept running behind this guy that was around the same pace as me. following him steadily. then he stops. i overtake him, and then what? the “goal” suddenly disappears and then you stare out at the long track ahead and you ask yourself, so how many more rounds?

have you felt like that in life before? you had a goal, and then it went away, and in the short span of time, you didn’t know what you’ll like to do and how you’ll like it to be.

and then other things interests you.. and your eyes follows elsewhere. do you find a new goal? like someone else on the track to follow? or stop running and head home for some tv?

you know it wasn’t you to sprint ahead and complete the rounds and leave your heart thumping like it’s popping out of your mouth. you just want to exercise. because it’s healthy and good.

and if you are wondering if i am feeling ok.. haha. yes i am! just feeling a little nostalgia and pondering about some things in life. things that you’ll never quite have the answers to until things happen and changes the course of your life.


ok. i’m off to the showers! dripping with sweat!

and oh, before i forget… i really missed playing snooker. is there anyone out there who is willing to play with me? *blink blink*

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