Received some love last week from my aunt in Netherlands. I never got round to blogging about it with all the fatigue I was battling and the rough week I had.

And so, she painstakingly sent Jerry some presents! She sent a parcel to a friend and my stuff took a free ride along with the stuff and had her friend pop over to pass me the gifts!

It was special.. She sent me some baby shower chocolates from netherlands. Those who went to my wedding would have tasted the Dutch bridal sweets that I served before the dinner and now, Jerry got some really special Dutch baby shower chocolates and chocolate eggs!

A pity that our weather is so intense right now so it’s a little melted, but tasty nonetheless. I wish i could give some of it to Jerry.

Here’s the chocolates..

Look! They come in cute shapes like a sleeping baby, pram, baby face, a rocking horse and loads more. The back of the chocolates are coated with little dots of blue & white sugars that give the chocs an interesting crunch. Yummy things and guess what?! My brother actually ate it before I had the time to check it out! Hurmph!

Jerry also received some rompers with really cool captions with the chocs. I havent had the chance to take pictures of all of them because my son had yet to model them all, but here’s those he has worn over the past week!

boys are cool

This is der’s favourite! It says.. handsome like daddy!

The expression captured fits the romper. He was fussing and well.. The romper says.. born to be wild.

That’s all I have!

Jerry is a lucky kid! Every other day, the hubby comes home and tells me your son got another Ang pow (red packet)/present again. We have yet to open a savings account for him but he has quite a bit of moo lah already!

me to hubby, hey, where’s my mother’s day present?

Hubby: ask your son to buy you la. You are his mother, not mine!

Me: -_-“””

Thing I don’t understand is, while the son has more money by the day, the hubby and my accounts are ever depleting because of him! Hmmm. Where’s the fairness in this?! haha.

Wait till he grows up.. I must make him write IOU and make sure he takes care of me us when we grow old. joking lah!!

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