this entry is written on last saturday afternoon, while i was still at work.. but there was something wrong with the internet connection and i couldnt post it. had to hibernate my computer to preserve my entry and post it today..

im gonna sound miserable.. cos i am indeed, miserable.


just when i was excited abt having my mobile back yesterday. i was told by nokia care center after 1 hr of wait that my mobile is BEYOND REPAIR. the repair report shows that it’s an intermitten problem, meaning sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt! so, the technicians is not going to repair it.

so annoying can? after 1 hr wait to send it in for repair, 3 days of wait for the repair to be done and another 1hr to collect, i am splashed with this news? i dont understand why they didnt give me a call earlier so that i can pop down and grab my phone back so that i can re-evaluate my options?!

now, i really need a new phone. a week without the contacts on my mobile is a hassle. i havent been able to get the people i want, and i was REALLY looking forward to restoring my contacts back into the mobile. sigh. im super down ‘cos this incident is throwing my plans disarray. urgh.