ready to plonk out any moment now, and im struggling to put this entry. a couple of reasons to do so. i’ll be super busy with a lot of stuff tomorrow at work, especially churning out the stuff for valentine’s and clearing work for cny holiday. the girls + simone is prob. waiting for it. i have too many errands to run and places to go to tomorrow night. besides, yee yee and 3goo is arriving in singapore tomorrow night and smally goo will pop down from KL to fetch us all.

oh no. that just reminded me that i haven’t packed the stuff i have to bring to rengam. as well as the stuff for yee to bring it to seattle for me, so that i wont have to lug a huge luggage around new york. and my messy room! argh.

yesterday was meet up day with the girls that i have been chatting with daily on msn. and they were all LJers. the plan was to meet up for drinks at new asia bar, and we decided to have dinner as well. it’s a little unnerving for me cos it seems the rest are quite well acquainted and the only person i knew was simon.

the gang members for the event – wwenzz and her beau decazz, simon_cool, pishako as well as her beau, i_believe + hubby who joined us for drinks later in the night.

dinner was gobbled up at the pizza cafe, right at the basement of raffles city. it’s my first time there, and despite not really a pizza lover, the pizzas are quite good! love the wings more tho. *grins* wwenzz & me is pretty similiar. we keep taking pictures of the food! and everybody. it’s hilarious throughout dinner and poor simon_cool and decazz was the butt of the jokes. wen, you really can eat! and simon, errmm.. actually i wanted to pay you back for the pizzas.. then u know.. my condition last night wasnt too good.. and when i remembered abt it today.. i didnt have connection.. and when i had connection.. i was super busy.. so, how much do i have to pay you?

Har?! did i hear u say no need? oh THANK YOU!! or were u silently cursing me?!? *stretch out my ears* jokes aside, im serious abt paying. 🙂

new asia bar was packed. it was so noisy and i was quite glad that we eventually settled at Intro bar. Greedy wwenzz, pishako & me ordered a total of 7 martinis to share amongst us. do check out pish’s lj on our ranking of the tastes of the different flavours.. it was a terrible mistake. because it was happy hour, wen & me thought it would be diluted. on the contrary, it was super strong and (quite) horrible tasting! Eeews..

the liquor was just overpowering. i tried to stop drinking cos i knew my weak stomach cannot take that much. but i decided to be sporting when everyone started playing 5-10. my mind was like going..”i cant be that suay right?” i was so WRONG! i drank and drank so many times. and i feel totally sick after. stomach’s churning like mad and feeling super flushed. courtesy of me, wen had quite a bit of the drinks as well.

we were 2 sick girls making our way to the toilet. i didnt think i will puke. i didnt have the urge initially. the urge came after drinking too much water that doesnt seemed to go well with the liquor in my tummy, and a yucky sweet that decazz bought. Yucks! it was really sweet of him to grab the drink and sweet, i appreciate it loads.. but i cant stand the taste!

not long after i settled back into intro bar, i had to half hop and jog to the toilet again with i_believe. vomitted everything including the pizza. how embarassing. was loads better after and decided to make my way back on train when the sweet mengxin asked her hubby to send me back. it’s a really nice gesture. thanks girl! i felt bad imposing on your time, especially since it was near your bedtime. 😐

and now, the long awaited pictures! and are u people sending me all those shots you all took with your mobile phones?!?! i AM waiting!

**updated 1.43am, 27 jan 06**

some other pictures taken with my mobile.