here’s the official photograph taken on stage together with the samsung folks… and don’t ask me where i am looking at! there’s so many cameras snapping away and i think i just happened to look up at that moment since there weren’t any cue or anything from the photographer. my gawd, there were so many fans!

Their fans were really quite crazy..packed like sardines and some of them even stood on the barricades on one leg since they didn’t have standing space. and most of them were in that position for hours!! really do feel for them and was really scared if anyone of them collapse, it would have been mayhem.. and they turn up like in the morning (11am!) to collect the tickets when our ticketing booth starts only at 3pm. on a totally random note, 2AM are taller than i expected them to be!

i think my colleague Karina chose a really good spot to stand.. looking great in the picture!

okie. onwards to tuesday and the rest of the week!

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