I’m down to my official 2nd last day of work.. Too much to clear.. Too little time. That’s ALWAYS the case, isn’t it?

Well, the way the dynamics at my workplace work, i am so gonna be glued to my pc while i’m on leave, madly clearing work. Sadly, i’m heading back on the 27th for a presentation..
What kind of leave is this?!

It’s 10mins to 9am, but i just stepped into the train. =(

I cried last night. Haven’t cried for a long time. Feel kinda lost. Somehow, i realised that i no longer know what i want. No longer think the way i used to. Maybe i’m just a stranger. Even to myself.

I thought about the balancing scale. When you remove items from one end, the other comes crashing down. But you have been trying to balance it for the longest time, it doesn’t meet the equilibrium and you are tired. Gah.

And then you realised, what’s the whole point in balancing anyway?

Where has my ability to love gone to? Why am i so shut to myself? Is it me?

All i wanted is to try to be happy every day. =\

Maybe i should just focus on work and let everything else fall into place. Hopefully i can, because the state of emotions one is in determines one’s productivity to a certain extent..

And i know i’m not happy. Mr Koh said he stalked my blog and think i shouldn’t be so sad.

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