having been there, done that for being pregnant, going through the entire journey and child birth, I still get the jitters when I head to the pharmacies to grab a test kit. my first time round, I think I bought a mid range test kit and tested positive on my first trial. so I figured, I just grab any house brand!

my period was due the last week of the month and when it was 31 May, I figured.. I could be preggers, hence the trip to grab a test kit.

well.. I wasn't. I had always wanted three kids. but Der only wanted one so I was a little wee bit disappointed that the test came out negative. so life went on and I got over it and waited for the period to come.

8 days later.. it still didn't come. that prompted me to pluck up my courage to go grab another test kit to check it out again. maybe it was too early the first time I tested.

8 June. the day i tested again.. but I was really confused. at first glance, the return is negative. or what seemed to be negative.

on closer inspection, there seemed to be a really really faint line.

so was I preggers? I wasn't quite sure. I left the test kit in the bathroom and when I went back and checked again, the vertical line went missing so I ignored it and took it as negative.

15 June. the period is still not coming and I do feel like I am preggers. for one, my milk supply dipped horrendously. secondly, I feel ravenous in the mornings and I really need to eat. third, I seemed to have a heightened sense of smell all over again like I did when I was first preggers so I did the test again. I didn't realised I grabbed a twin pack the second time I bought it so the second test kit proved rather useful.

I couldn't quite believe my eyes. I'm preggers!

then I started worrying… could it be an ectopic pregnancy? was that the reason it took me three kits and more than 2 weeks to ascertain it?  I keep feeling this dull ache in my left pelvis the past few weeks and a burning sensation that I'm not sure if I was dreaming it up. in any way, it just means I'm feeling discomforts and I'm not quite used to it. it also does constantly feel like I  have constantly got pee in my bladder but I can't empty it fully.

with the husband away in China, I have no one to share it with for now. and I wanted to tell the husband in person.

maybe I should print out a
the picture, place it in a box and have it all wrapped up as a surprise present for him when he comes home on Saturday.

a nice father's day present. just in time for this weekend.

I should really go sleep now. night.