scratchy throat

my eyes is starting to burn and my throat is itchy. making me cough ever so often.

2 hours of sleep and a tiring morning. im beat. fatigue is begining to set in. 8 more hours to go before i can be back in the comfort of my room.

the weekend was great. badminton was cool. but i needed to sweat more. who’s game for play? invite me. i need to workout badly. im getting fatter, despite me watching my diet. looks like my metabolism rate is decreasing. evidence of me getting fat. my belly button is harder to clean now!

i’m gonna work out a exercise regime and stick to it. swimming, badminton, jogging and abs exercises. been reading a blog of a triathlete, and getting really inspired. hee. yeah, wait 5 mins and check back on my enthusiam yeah?

the mind is really a powerful tool. i can make myself work hard and forgot about the fatigue. i can also procrastinate and become tired. for now, i’m overwhelmed by too much work. argh!

for a long time in my history, i was actually enjoying myself at dbl 0. something that i didnt think i would. the crowd was big. everyone was friendly. lotsa booze and the music reminded me of mambo. some familiar faces, some foreign. all came with the same objective. and i’d NEVER taken so much photos at a nightspot. The cammie was just clicking away without anyone’s knowledge and i admit. i am a cam whore. haha. i popped into many pictures and pose without knowing the people behind me.

i drank quite a bit, which is super unusual coz i usually dont drink. and i drove, but got home safely. thankfully joshua and his gf didnt freak out at my driving. haha.

spent hours chatting with a friend on msn last nite. and ended up sleeping so little eventually. but im really glad we talked. loaded loads off my mind and set me in the right perspective, so im quite a happy girl today!

japanese class tonight again! おもしろいね(omoshiroi ne)! 3 more lessons to go and im ready for the intermediate course. not sure if i should go for it since i seemed to be lagging. gotta discuss with yeetat man.. okie. time to clear work again..