feeling lazy

these days.. i feel like im in hibernation. i keep dozing off.. and drift in and out of sleep very often. and i cant seemed to get enough, which is weird. and i didnt get a headache for lying down too much, which is extremely rare since i have low blood pressure.

the Project superstar finally ended on thursday and i was right on about the winner. *grinz* after being glued to the tv for 4+ hours, i personally feel that Kelly definitely performed better. in terms of voice quality and variety, kelly was better. it also helped that kelly had much more to offer in terms of costumes and dance with the various different 造型. the performance was more engaging, but at the end of it all.. it’s a competition and the person who appeals more to the mass win.

the fans of kelly was very innovative with their costumes tho. especially the mummies. haha.. made me laugh big time..

oh, i remember i mentioned about taking photographs of the 算盘子 that mum cooked. but..but.. i was so engaged in eating the other day that i remembered only after the meal. oOops.

the other day, i bought a cake for mum since it was her birthday. jasmine didnt have anyone to eat dinner with and i promised her that i’ll accompany her for a short dinner at northpoint. but, i had to put the cake back home first which was 2 bus stops away. and i was truly made fun of by the weather.

the weather was perfectly fine 2 bus stops before my house. and then just 1 bus stop before, it suddenly started pouring real badly. but i really had to put the cake home, so i ran in the rain, totally drenched. ran past this topless guy that was seeking shelther in the pavilion just next to the basketball court. didnt really take notice coz i was such a mess myself and jasmine was waiting.

got home, changed and rushed out with a huge umbrella, only to realise that the rain has STOPPED. completely! u can imagine how exasperated i was. and i went home again to deposit the brolly. just as i walked past the basketball court heading out.. someone shouted.. “Ziiiiiiii huiiiiiii!” omg. it was the same guy at the pavilion. i wondered who it was, but waved anyway..

and as i continued my journey.. gosh. that guy. was my primary school friend. not just any primary school friend, but someone who claims to be my boyfriend back then. i dont remember agreeing to be his gf, but didnt minded a bit since we were really close and i really liked him. and yeah, u can kinda consider him my first love but i never quite knew when it started and ended.. my thoughts then turned into horror. alamak! how embarassing to have ran past him, totally drenched, hair in a mess and all.. and ignored him.

on my way back home, he was still at the basketball court but didnt spot me coming home. thank god. saved me the awkwardness. hee.. but i did send him a sms afterwards out of courtesy and asked how he was. and i found out, i smashed the cake a little while running in the rain. 🙁

dinner with mich was cancelled last min. altho i was looking forward to it.. i guess work’s more impt. and yes, i spent the whole evening and night in bed with a good read. and drifting in and out of sleep.