yummy lunchie!

yesterday lunch was great. frederick whipped up a simple fare of caesar salad and sandwiches for the rest of us, which is totally really nice of him.

had mustard butter, bacon, ham, tomatoes, really thin egg slices, croutons, mushroom, prickles, walnuts and loads more. really yummylious by my standards and.. the caesar salad is good!

for his hardwork and the time spent preparing the meal.. here’s some photos of the lunch we had..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and tomorrow.. it’s my turn to bring something to the office.. it’s gonna be a hakka dish, the abacus thingy.. “算盘子”? pardon me if the chinese is all wrong. you know, im not good at it. and no, im not cooking.. i dunno how to whip up this dish.. mum’s gonna cook and it’s just my duty to bring for the rest. hee..

gonna hope they like it! will grab some pictures tomorrow!!