i wanted to blog yesterday. it’s been an eventful day and yet, after doing a self mani and pedicure, i totally konked out with the computer on while waiting for my nails to dry.

didnt have my alarm set, and i woke this morning with a cracking head. i just wish i didnt have to head off for work. and i was really late.

the office was turned into a sauna yesterday. i was in 2 black tops and my pants was sticking to my butt. the guys here have all their shirt soaked in sweat. it was really bad and the air con technicians took the whole afternoon to repair the thing. the worst part was it was extremely stuffy and the aircon was giving out hot air. by the time they were done.. it was ah hr to knock off time.

was reading abt sally’s bloggie abt the myth on perfumes.. i didnt know about that.. maybe vaguely heard before but didnt pay attention to since im hardly superstitious. but i remember receiving loads of perfumes from people and giving many bottles to wei.. and we are all still on talking terms. so, my advice to all is.. dun be too taboo about it. relationships/friendship takes 2 hands to clap and it requires an effort on both parties to maintain it. dun blame it on the perfume when things don’t work out.

and oh sally, abt a taboo to share.. you heard about the one on slippers/shoes? Cannot give slippers/shoes to your partner cos they will run away? or something like that? it’s something i dont believe in either. heee..

i’m in a dilemma now. i need to sign the new employment contract by today. i need to think abt it in the next few hours.. and my little cracking head that is intensely hurting at the moment doesnt seemed to help.

it’s time to engage myself in the daily routine of clearing work.