loads on my mind..

wei seemed to be really down. not sure what has happened to him in terms of work. he didnt say much, but the tone of his voice practically sucked all the cheerfulness out of me also.

-big sigh-

much has happened over the last 2 days. something else is bogging me down also. something that i didnt think will happen seemed to be happening. maybe something that i did triggered it, but it wasnt my intention for it to happen. i cant be sure, since i cant confirm it myself based on my judgement. now i just hope that the friendship wont change or that i wont lose a friend.

i guess there’s nothing much for me to do at this point of time, other than just being myself. i hope my friend can sort it out too. i hope it’s not too naive for me to think that things will be the same as before.

michie!!! now you are the only person i can look for support.. cos only you know…. help me! 😉