i think it’s time to smash my aircon apart. it woke me up with the same cranking noises like the night before. this time at 5+ in the morning and sleep after that was minimal. not sure how long i can survive that. too broke to have the aircon changed.

michie’s gonna be away in bkk again early next week.. awww.. envy her man. i wish i can fly as well.

im feeling bored at work. not that there arent things to do.. in fact, there’s a whole lot of things waiting to be done.. but im just feeling lethargic. and both jean and jasmine are on medical leave today! -sobs-

it’s friday.. and im glad.. but the moment i think abt working tomorrow.. i get so demoralised again. 🙁

Oh gosh! i just got a call from jasmine. she’s on 2 days mc. doc say she has got really high blood pressure. kinda worried for her. hope that she’ll get well soon..

time to get my stuff done. will update when i have the time!