joke of the day..

a new week unfolds.. and i was rather surprised by many. my handphone was “meh-ing” away the whole time in the office today. for those who didnt know, my sms tone was that of a goat “meh-ing” and it goes.. “meh… meh… meh.. meh..”

and the smses freaked me out. the first one came, then another, and another.. mostly contain the same message said in different ways.. from my primary school friend.. my ex colleague.. my poly school mates.. my uni classmate. and some people that im not very close to. and im pretty sure all these people don’t know each other.

all of them wished me happy birthday. the first one came and i thought.. did she remember wrongly? anyway, i said thanks and didnt want to embarass her. the second one came and i got puzzled. the third came and im confused. and so, i decided to ask how they knew it was my bday. and so.. i got the answer. friendster.

so.. i logged into friendster and realised i had a long list of unread messages.. from my cousin.. my sec school friends.. pri school friends. and the same msg. oh god, im getting delirious.

so.. i went to check my friendster profile and saw it set as 1 aug. i think i purposely set it as that when i created the account thinking it wouldnt be important. and now.. it became a joke on myself. and yes, i had it changed already.

anyway.. wei popped over to kovan to have dinner with me before my jap class. kinda thrilled to see him and was relishing abt the joke i created on myself to him. and something he said hit me.

the statement was.. “now u know who your true friends really are..”

and i got a present from yee tat. and no, he wasnt one of those that messaged me. thanks for the pressie. i like it.

and so.. according to yee tat.. he told me he received an email reminder from friendster informing him about my birthday. and i believe, that all the 200+ people in my friendster network would have received the same email. the email got yee tat a little confused, but he wasnt taken into the email reminder and relied on his instincts.

appreciate those who have smsed. thanks for your thoughts and well-wishes, tho it’s REALLY NOT my birthday today. it’s the thought that counts..

but on the other hand.. friends whom i tot i was pretty close to sms me as well. i was like going.. “duhz!!” u mean u really forgot when my birthday was? i was taken aback when i receive those sms, not to mention.. a tang of disappointment.

this incident also hit me. that those who were really close to me didnt sms me at all. and i believe that they would have received those email reminders from friendster. it made me realise that they are truely my close friends.. or friends who have cared enough to remember.

thanks people. i know who u are.. u know who u are. and it is these same people who really knows me well. went through loads with me and cared to remember my birthday as i cared to remember theirs. thanks pals.

raf – if u are reading this.. i’m still waiting for your reply on the newton dinner date. i wanna gorge and talk cork with you guys man. missed doing it. it was so much fun.

and it so happen that i realised later today that my whole week is actually packed. with the exception of tomorrow. still waiting for raf’s reply. if not, then i’ll prob meet zelia and freddy for a kopi catch up session.

it’s time again to catch some sleep. i have been waking really early these days ever since the changes in my office took place. good nite people. 🙂