my low blood pressure seemed to be acting up again. for the whole day.. my world keeps spinning and i felt faint. i must have been too tired last night and slept too much.

i’m feel rather unhappy today. sometimes, i ponder on something and i start to wonder if my decision in the first place was right. and the more i think, the more unsure i get. and the events of things that happened made me doubt further.

why is life so complicated? why can things stay the same like when i was a kid?

got a sms from toto today. kinda heartwarming to have him reply my sms. for those who wants to know, he has just reached darwin after 5 days of sailing from surabaya. hope he’ll be back soon. i miss those seafood gorging sessions with him at newton.

met raphael for dinner on friday. walked around a bit, talk cork, had drinks, popped by club momo for a short while, hang out at this karaoke pub nearby to play pool and i headed down to partyworld chinatown to meet dar, and mainly to drive him home.

saturday was an adventure cos i was driving around in woodlands for such a long time. had lunch with joycelyn, jean and jasmine. headed home to change and grab some stuff and headed to meet joshua & edwin to play snooker at safra toa payoh. had dinner with dar and his sister at jumbo seafood and its drinks at altivo at the top of mount faber. supper at lavender slurping up hot steaming “zhu zhar tang”.. u can start imagining how beat i was, especially since i had to wake super early for work and a late night the previous day. i was barely able to keep my eyes open!

i just came back from dinner at kulai. how adventurous. 2 bmws meeting at raffles marina at 6pm and off we were to dinner. 2 hours later, we are on our way back. travel all the way just to have dinner. how nice, especially since dar & me are the passengers.

im already dreading about the fact it’s a start of a new week tomorrow. oh how i hate work. 🙂

got to pack my room a bit. getting a little too messy for comfort. after that, im turning in. night people!