my blog is so screwed. i cant get the blue boxes to disappear at the places where i link my graphics. it’s so unsightly and i’m so upset over it. can anyone help me or advice on how i can rid them? or at least, change it to black or grey or white? Grr.

anyone can comment or suggest ideas to improve the look of my blog.. or teach me new stuff or codes to make it look nicer. it’s been a year since i last tweaked the codes and i cant remember anything anymore. and after days of fumbling with it.. i still think something is wrong somewhere.

think i need to start practising yoga at work very soon. at the rate im feeling.. i think my blood vessels will burst. each day is like a torture to me. a jail term. i dont even dare to leave my seat for too long. i cant really survive anymore arrows coming my way.

may the minutes hand of the clock move faster so that i can head home safely and seek shelter in my cosy room.