what will you be feeling when someone who has been your neighbour (just above my head!) for the past 20 years turned into your distant relative abt 10 years ago when ur aunt decided to get married.. and suddenly you find in him in your office working on your faulty computer?

how would you feel when he rattles off your life account ever since you are a kid and all the things you have been and are doing now (even tho u havent talked in the last 15 years?), and is added onto your msn list?

how abt constant sms and meeting him at the stairways just when u leave for work?

the world is darn small, i say!

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i saw this yesterday at raffles place when i was going round the outlets. there were many surveyors dressed in suits and jackets asking people to vote. i heard it on radio in the car but coz i was working and constantly moving around the different outlets, i didnt manage to catch the entire story abt this. so, can someone tell me which service provider did this and what is it all about?

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anthony dropped me off at seng kang mrt so that i can take an easy train ride to kovan for my jap class. there’s still time and thought of chiew yen. gave her a call and guess what? she’s a compass point! so, here’s xuan xuan and a little comic i made for her..

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it has been an interesting day i must say.. despite the fact that my nose was runny and i was tired.. sweet things did happen to me. my colleague bought me sweets to help clear my nose. and guess who i bumped (literally!) into at kovan mrt?

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K E L V I N!

gosh. it’s been an interesting yesterday isn’t it? and OOps! jac, i brought the dvd but i forgot to return to yee tat!! next week okie.. hee..

today is pretty much mundane.. but guess where i had lunch?

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i guess it’s quite fun when u have a bmw to pick you up for lunch to a place with nice scenery and all. but that, is really the only interesting thing today.