my prints..

i was chatting to an old friend over msn last week. this friend of mine, we hardly talked over the years. didnt meet up at all except for the once-in-a-blue-moon on the street coincidence. still, we didnt have much exchange.

recently, he was added to my msn list. and cos i use msn everyday.. we started chatting quite often. we started reminiscing abt the past. the kind of stuff we did when we hung out so often back then..

it seems.. that i left a deep impact in his life and it took him many years to get over it.. i’m kinda sadden by this thought. i never knew my actions/words would hurt someone so bad.

i didnt mean it that way. sometimes, things just happened too fast for one to react accordingly. other times, factors like maturity, understanding of the situation and analyzing skills come into play. though there’s nothing much i can do now about what has happened in the past, but it has dawned on me to take my dealings with anyone with more care. choose your words carefully and don’t hurl angry abuse at anyone. you’ll never know what kind of impact you might leave behind. it might scar someone else’s life..