feeling bitchy..

i wonder if it’s a good day today. shall mention the good things first. met michie in town today. coincidence! hee.. see ya again next week! hee. here’s some photos on the dinner with ant.

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met wei in town. another coincidence! actually, not so much of a coincidence. i was in town and i happened to call him and found out he was coming to town and is only 5 mins away from where i was, so i popped by to say hi! makes me so happy for the rest of the day.

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took this while strolling to the train station on the way home. cool rite? new moving mango models. heh. if only i can get them to face me. i think that will be more cool.

now for the not-so-nice events for the day. im reeling in pain now and i have only myself to blame. my molars are hurting, and it means my teeth are moving. not a good sign and i quickly fitted on my retainers. -ouch- super painful since the last time i wore it was weeks ago. but u know, lazy me. i wont wear it regularly coz im simply too lazy. and the fact that i’ll get insomia when i wear them deters me from even wanting to wear! -sigh-

and someone called me a bitch today. its not so much of scolding me, but really telling me what a bitch she found me and my bimbotic actions that she cant stand.

err.. and i realised the difference in me admitting myself as a bitch and really hearing someone being all blunt and declaring me a bitch RIGHT IN MY FACE. i dunno if i should be happy or sad. happy cos someone actually have the courage to tell me that.. (reminds me a little of myself) or sad cos someone actually acknowledged the fact. but oh well.. im cool abt it. there’s no bloody way i can please everyone in this world and im not going to change just so you called me a bitch and my actions bimbotic. that’s the way i am and that’s what my friends love about me. and that’s the bitch i am. rite frens? (support please!!!)

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here’s the farewell pressie the girl who called me a bitch gave me. i blurred her name to protect her identity. there’s really no need for you to know.. and it’s really sweet of her to have given me a farewell gift. handmade somemore leh!!


and check out the message she wrote. cool rite? -showing a sore face- hahaha.. no lah.. i think she really reminds me of myself.. except that im not as blunt as her. woah! i think i’ve met my match. ;P

and yeah, she’s leaving us. and i got farewell gift for her too.. (awww.. im such a SWEET BITCH, rite?) anyway, im not gonna mention it here.. in case someone leaks it out.. or when she reads abt it when she happens to pop by my blog.

oh oh.. and check out the pretty little things i made moments ago.. well, the names speaks for themselves who they are for.. the earrings for myself. havent touched my tools for a long time.. kinda miss them. but i miss the money that i earned from it more!! anyone interested in having something made by me? put in your request and i’ll consider! (FOC leh! see? i NICE NICE bitch) of coz, it’ll also depends on my time, money, and willingness to put in effort to make. whether i like you a not is the biggest deciding factor, so dun embarass yourself if you think i dun like you. haha.
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yes. i think im getting mean. but im supposed to be a bitch, so i’ll act like a bitch today. and 1 last bitch act before i pop off to bed and bring my doggy to dreamland.

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check out the rainer cherries aunt got for me from seattle. cool rite? they are the sweetest cherries i have tasted. big, ripe, crunchy and fantalicious.

no no, im not going to share it with you. im a bitch. only for boi boi and me. see, boi boi nose is digging into it already! it’s really yummmy stuff, but no.. i determined in keeping them for myself only! k lar.. ma and gor can eat. heh.

all the way from SEATTLE leh!

well.. if u are really nice to me.. i’ll consider sharing some with you.. in a month’s time! gor is popping down to the states next week. i wish i could go too.. aww.. but i have no more leave and i just went spain. darn! he’s gonna bring me more rainer cherries when he’s back.. right gor?