i’m annoyed.

it’s so annoying when…
1. you are not feeling well and had to walk 20mins to see the company doctor even tho there’s a clinic conveniently located near your house which is 3 mins away.

2. you set out of the house to buy something and mum starts giving you her shopping list so that you can help her buy. and you ended up home with all the things except the thing you initially wanted to buy. -argh-

3. time passes so fast when you finally have a day to myself since you are sick and yet, it passes by so fast that you didnt even realise it.

4. the weighing machines keeps reminding you of the weight you put on everyday but each time you meet friends on the streets, they insist on how skinny you have become.

5. you had to struggle to go attend lessons even though you are sick.

6. you were smsing away in the train and you see the uncle beside u staring at you in the reflection on the glass panel opposite.

7. the uncle continue staring from time to time, even when u stared straight at his face to make him look away(i wonder if it’s my low cut tank top..).

8. despite being on mc and at home and have all the time to prepare to go for class, you end up taking a cab.

9. each time you decide to take a cab to class, all the taxi drivers doesnt know where heartland mall is.

10. the aircon is cool in the room and i had to sit here (in the living room) and sweat to type this post.

argh.. what’s wrong with the weather these days.. i bathed 4 times today already. so freaking hot! im heading for bed. need to rest. will blog more in the office tomorrow.