im prob the last to blog abt this. Hmmm.. my valentine’s day was nothing special. wei has exams this weekend so we didnt have any plans and i was even willing to give up the idea of meeting him so that he can study.

2 weeks ago, i told him that i wont be buying him a present. reason? cos im broke and needed the money for the trip. on monday, i decided to be nice and bought him a watch. it sure did burn a big hole in my pocket. his mum cooked dinner and i met him to dine together.

initial plans of throwing him a surprise by putting the present on the table after midnight and heading for bed after went array. i was so exhausted that i flopped into dreamland at abt 10pm, even before i could bathe. by the time i woke in the middle of the night, the boy’s fast asleep. i left the present on the table for him to see when he wakes in the morning, but he was rushing for work and too busy to check it out. *sigh*

we met for a short dinner at night. i wanted something fast and cheap. wei insisted on heading to Premier Thai restaurant at sembawang road. it wasnt packed, but we waited a long while in the queue. they dont seemed to have enough waiters/waitresses around. a lot of tables uncleared and the service standards just wasnt there.

but, its wei’s favourite thai food. and so we ate. here’s what we ate..

and the sweet boy actually prepared a gift for me. i didnt think he would since he spent quite a bit to buy me a watch on christmas. it’s a card. our 7th valentine’s this year and cards are a rare commodity. this is prob. the 3rd card i have received thus far.

i am so elated. simple words, short message, but it meant the world to me. 🙂 he doesnt like giving me cards cos he’s aint good with words and his handwriting is terrible! *giggles* totally love the card.. i have an extremely soft spot for lambs. my wei = meh meh. and there’s a riddle for me to solve before i get my present.

i spent 2 hour guessing to wei’s amusement and couldnt get it right. actually i did, but wei insisted me solving the “BEN” portion and didnt tell me even tho i got the answer while guessing. i actually even tried to google for the answer. that’s how desperate i was.

and that turquoise box. what a faux! he was desperately trying to hide it from me and for a moment, i thought it was something from tiffany. he was covering it under the blanket and under his tee when i stole peeks of the box shape and color. how annoying.

and the box.. is empty. i want to kill him can?! it’s a jewellery box, but there’s nothing inside. until i got frustrated with all the guessing and teasing. the present was hidden beneath the sponge in the jewellery box.

has anyone guess the present thus far?

it’s actually a benjamin and 2 benjamin-lincoln in between. in preparation for my trip. is there is local slang for 50 buckaroos? even my uncle doesnt know. and oh well, that’s my practical boy. 🙂