great.. just great..

deadlines are near but im procrastinating. so today, i broke my usual daily routine and started working on a poster to be finished by the end of today. i was engrossed in it and didnt realised its lunch till my colleague told me so.

and so to lunch i went. and i came back to my desk finding all my work for the morning gone. my computer has decided to go to sleep and NOT wake up. and i didnt save my work. i could only force shut the computer and on it back. even the magic ctrl+alt+del couldnt trigger any reaction. how nice. did i mention how fantastic the newest computer in the office is? (that’s mine, by the way)

oh well, its now 2 hours to knock off time and i just think the day is simply fabulous. especially when my poster isnt done yet. how nice isnt it? anyone wanna share my luck? hur.