clouded vision..

when heat gets into your head, clothes are sticking to your skin, ur skin drips of sweat, you had a japanese lesson that’s so alien, tonnes of work to be done back home, and drooping eyelids, looking at the long journey home pisses you off.

that’s what happened to me last nite. i was so dog-tired, my bag getting heavier by the minute and a call from my mum pisses the hell outta me.

who do you turn to when everyone wants a say in what u are doing? whose advice do u heed? how are u going to based your judgement on when u are torn between your aunt, your uncle, your mum and your own interest? tell me.

i had enough. i’ll do what i want and what’s best suits me. afterall, its my money. its my effort. so shut all your comments and leave me alone. thank you.