back at work..

it feels funny to be back at work. i dont feel like doing anything at all! and i just realised i made a silly mistake on one of my previous blog entries.

i stated, i have 1.5gb worth of pictures from my trip. actually, i meant to say 15gb instead. there is an average of abt 500 pictures a day.. that’s y im not even done with “day 1” collage in barcelona. there are more to come, but no time to do.

after 16 days of sleeping out, it felt really weird sleeping on my own bed last nite. im not used to the bed, i had insomia. not sure if its due to jet lag, but i just couldnt sleep no matter how tired i was. tossing n turning the night away. i managed to fall asleep only around 5.30am and 2 hrs later, my alarm rang.

now, i wonder how to survive the day. jap classes again tonight. i hope i can keep it going.