superly lethargic..

now that im back home.. suddenly my keyboard works funny. heh.

the stupid plane landed 1hr late and i was so sick by the time i alight that im all ready to puke. then everything came like a whirlwind and the next thing i know.. im on the bus home. yes, bus. without my luggage of cos.

im so tired that i shant elaborate. i got 1.5gb worth of pictures from the trip. i cant imagine how to sort them out. im going to take a rest now since i still have to work tomorrow. getting a headache already.

i did a simple collage of the pictures taken on ivy’s wedding. din had much pictures of the night since i left right after the first dish. here’s the photos.. from the house to the phototaking to the tea ceremony and back at ivy’s house.

enjoy and i hope everyone will have a great weekend!!