fuming mad..

im superly mad now.im stranded in a hotel and cant get out of it. i have the whole morning and the afternoon till 4pm but i cant go anywhere right now even tho i have destinations that i want to make it to before i leave the city of madrid.

i have been labelled as someone selfish. yes, i agree coz i want to go out to the shops and grab some stuff.. but yet, here i am waiting for everyone else and since 10.30am.. im all ready to go.. made to wait again and again n again.. and when i decided to voice something abt the waiting.. i am labelled as selfish.

turn the story around. why cant everyone else be considerate? how do u define selfish? from one´s own paradigms and social constitution? what is the definite meaning of it since everyone else have different priorities?

superly annoyed. superly angry. superly pissed. u name it, im feeling it. and i just kicked the darn hotel lift door so hard that i believe the reception area would have heard it even when im at 4th level. the lift shook, but i seriously dun give a darn!

yes, i didnt pay for the trip, but that doesnt mean someone else has the right to dictate my every single movement. im grateful that i got the chance to come, but im beginnging to regret the fact that i didnt pay my own fare. i guess this is what people call trade off. u get something.. u lose something else. so, please dun envy me.. in fact, im thinking that im happier off being in singapore with all my friends.

argh! i wish i had someone to talk to.. to take my attention away. im fumming so hard that i even wanna break this stupid spanish keyboard in pieces.