here in madrid..

finally.. after changing at least 7 hotels in the last week, this is the only one with FREE internet access at it´s lobby, and the first thing i did was to check all my frens blog and read as much as i can.. yes, i miss singapore loads.

im feeling a little feverish and a little dizzy. not sure why, but the food here sucks big time. the spanish stuff doesnt go well with my throat and the chinese food are all icky. either its tastleless or it´s too salty.

the water here sucks too. most of the mineral water has a mineral smell in it and not to mention they are really ex too. most of the tap water is not advisable to drink.. not to mention that smells of minerals too.

everyone seemed to be falling sick. grandpa´s running a fever and an inflammed throat. small yee seemed to get the runny nose a little too often.. my throat´s inflammed too. not drinking enough water and the super dry weather doesnt help.

its so tiring here acutally. am moving constantly between the states and the portugal and spanish borders. and 5 hours on a bus journey isnt something that i really enjoy and it´s happening a tad too often.

finally am in madrid and 2 more days, im flying back to sing. that´s a journey that i dread too. too long a flight. almost killed me. worst than travelling to the states. at least i get to transit more often.

there´s really nothing much here. after the first day, everything else looks the same. believe me, the interior of the cathedrals are mostly the same and i cant tell apart the different majestic castles that they have here. most of the city guides are boring.. they drone on and on in a monotonous tone..

didnt have much chance to shop.. most of the time are spent on the roads and the stuff here doesnt really suit my taste.. all the pants in zara n mng here are all bell bottoms..the very few pieces of straight cuts one are usually really ex! not to mention that they look really weird on me!!

went thru quite a bit of bad experiences here.. will talk abt them when im back, for now.. i think i need to get back to my hotel room, bathe and grab some sleep. it´s 11pm and i got to wake at 6am tomorrow.

oh..oh.. i took LOADS of photos.. at least 10gb of them by now.. its abt an average of 3 to 4 x 128mb memory sticks for me a day.. and there are 3 other cammies snapping away.. hehe.. i wonder how to make a scrapbook out of everything..

guess what? the spanish keyboard im typing on is driving me nuts.. everything else except the alpha are all screwed! i keep typing the wrong keys!!