Goodbye friends.. Goodbye singapore

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heh.. am at the airport already, waiting for boarding. i missed the shark’s fin soup at the dinner earlier. i only ate the cold plate and im on the run.. and its a sad thing that i didnt managed to see the video montage of the wedding this morning. i hope all is fine.

am really tired at this point of time. the last 2 days had been like a whirlwind. im hoping for a great nap on board the plane later. not feeling exactly too well. getting very sick. anyway, i’m keeping my fingers crossed and i hope to enjoy the trip.

michie, hope you have a great bdae while im gone. enjoy yourself and you’ll be sure that i’ll miss you badly!

sweetie, if u are reading this.. take care ya? anything sms me hor.. miss you laods.

ivy, hope you have fun on your honeymoon and im so sorry that i had to leave in the midst of your wedding dinner and it’s a regret that i havent beeen able to take a photo with you.. but well, i know that people at table 13 + 14 will take good care of you!! 🙂

i’ll be back only on the 3rd. abt 2 weeks from now. so in the meanwhile.. miss me loads!