23hrs and clock is ticking. i have not slept a wink. am superly frustrated now. argh. was uploading my pictures from my memory stick and when i tried to copy and paste.. then came this stupid error msg. i plucked out my memory stick from card reader and pluck it in and found all the photos ERASED!!!

u have no idea how hot and angry i am. really sore. the photos. shit! they are of the curry chicken lunch i had with my colleagues today.. and being the last day of seeing joycelyn in the office.. i took pictures of us together.. and the huge bee hive of my office with all the bees dead! now, all GONE!

darn my memory stick! darn my card reader! darn my computer! darn everything! f.u.c.k. i was still viewing the photos earlier and was really excited.. now its ONLY left in my memory.. one that i cant upload into the computer and print it out. -wails loudly-