holiday mood..

stacks of paper on my desk, but i cant recall what i need to do at work now. i remember i have loads of stuff i need to do, but just dunno what. my mind is a blank. counting down to my holiday. wanna slack and do nothing.

got to pack my luggage tonite and see if i missed out anything so that i can do last min shopping tomorrow. aunt n uncles will be arriving then. sunday’s the wedding and my flight.

i am hoping to blog when im there, cant be sure yet. but there wont be photos for sure n i wonder if the hotels has got free internet connection. my uncle’s bringing his ibook but there wont be any photo editing software there. besides, i’ll doubt he’ll let me hog his com since he needs it to reply his work emails, 24hrs round the clock. anyway, im gonna keep a small journal for the trip..

im not done with my room cleaning. wanna throw out more junk. in the junk throwing mood recently. helps me de-stress.

i’ll be loading photos tonight.. those of the past weeks.. that i havent had the time to post up. need to clear my memory sticks for the trip and pack my card reader into my luggage.

another 1 n a 1/2hr to knock off time. better start clearing my desk and prepare to leave this rut for 2 weeks. -whee!-

check my blog late tonite for photos!