music baton!

unknowingly.. i have been passed the music baton by hermit! if only i dun go blog surfing.. then i wont know the baton is passed to me.. heheh.. here goes..

Total volume of music files on my computer:
none on my office com. abt 1k songs on my home computer.. cant really remember since i have no access to it now..

The last CD I bought was:
i think it’s Stef sun – leave me alone. anything after that, wei paid for it since it usually ends up in his car.. i’m hardly home to hear anyway.

Song playing right now:
nothing. no speaker in office com. usually nothing too back at home. hardly listen to anything.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
wahh.. this is a little sensitive.. i might get killed for putting down the “politically” wrong answers..

Dont want to miss a thing – Aerosmith
(both wei n me like this song a lot..)

tian hei hei – stef sun
(this is the only song i can sing in karaoke..)

right here waiting – richard marx
(this is my all time fav.. dunno y.. i think the lyrics are meaningful..)

love me – collin raye
(someone intro me to this song and i simply love it! 😉 )

Summer Rain – Belinda Carlisle
(it always unknowingly bring me some sweet memories of the past..)

there’s something i wanna put here.. i’m always memerized by all the songs wei sing.. not sure if he knows this. but i got to admit.. he sings damn well.. especially the hai guo tian kong (beyond) & this other cantonese song by jacky cheung (cant rem the title).

Five people to whom I’m passing the baton:
wenjing/shuyu @ o2zzzz.blogspot
ivy @ oopsitsivy.blogspot
eddie @ prince-eddie.blogspot
roy @
charl79 @

have fun!