cursing non stop..

im having some problems connecting with the bloody msn back at home. everything works on my computer except that. icq, skype, ie, thunderbird, watever. just not msn. it’s been 2 days. i feel so cut off from the msn world, and my msn friends. checked the msn server and it says all running fine.. so what? my internet connection decided it doesnt like msn and ban me from using? what a bummer!

and everytime i try to troubleshoot it, it kills my internet connection for everything. must be the stupid router and the firewalls! but i just dun get it.. it was fine.. and i took a nap on tuesday nite.. and woke up to find everything screwed up! and to think no one touched my computer and i didnt even shut it down. now what? the computer decided to boycott me since i left it to play its own screensaver while i peacefully took a nap in my air-conditioned room?

weird. must reset the stupid router thing in my bro’s room. and guess what? i just figured that msn doesnt work on my mum’s com as well.. and here i am blogging perfectly. this is crazy rite? -sighs deeply-

its late, but i cant sleep. got to clean up my room further and throw out some junk. the cleaning maid in me is recharging her batteries. got to go. am sleepy already. nite all. wish me well with my darn msn.