i’m tagged!

was just blog browsing when i realised im tagged by michie with a book meme! Hmm.. im also one of the worst person to be tagged with a book meme.. kinda extreme opposite of michie. i read a book every week!

here goes..

1) Total number of books owned
at least a few hundreds, could be a thousand.. i really don’t know. i keep all the books i read.. all my school textbooks.. and i still have the whole collection of enid blyton books that i read since im a kid.. and i do collect all of books of certain authors.. maybe i should start selling them..

2) The last book I bought
just 2 days ago. cant remember the title. think it’s the villa of mysteries.. aint too sure coz its from an author i never read before. grabbed it for reading on my trip.

3) The last book I read
deception point by dan brown

4) Five books that mean a lot to me
men are from mars, women are from venus by john grey.
– my guide to understanding the opposite sex better

my organiser
– it’s abt my life, my schedules, my appointments, my feelings and some little secrets

– a book that never fails to teach me new things/words

my japanese textbook
– my guide to mastering the language

cant think of exact books that mean a lot to me.. too many books back at home and i read mostly friction.. oh oh.. maybe i can think of 1 more.

my secondary school autograph book
– i never see it again since 1997 when i passed it to a guy to write something on it. i doubt he’ll be reading my blog now.. but he does.. my message is clear. i want my god damn book back! in there are a lot of my sweet secondary school memories and many precious photos.

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