feeling chilly..

im wearing a thick jacket and i cant help but feel cold. -grr- the raindrops are falling ever so softly on the roads, on the walls and against the windows of my office. the aircon here is freezing me!

my days has been packed and i hardly have enough time to breathe. last friday, i met up with yuxiong. Wanted to shop around for a coat and some scarfs. ended up buying 3 scarfs in coldwear and this winter coating shop in suntec. total cost damage: $45.90!

didnt have the intention to have dinner together but somehow, we both got hungry and dined at nydc! haha.. yeah, i was pushing for that cos i missed the mudpie!! headed right home after dinner cos i was so tired and he had to rush off to meet his gf for a movie. and shucks!! i forgot to take photos with him.. it’s been like err.. at least 2 years since i last met him?? -sigh-

caught house of wax on sat nite. pretty cool show.. a little eerie and a little heart wrenching, especially the parts where the frens found each other. sunday was spent shopping with wei at J8.

monday came along and i was so tired.. not to mention that i had jap classes at night. thank god.. yee tat’s fren came to fetch him and decided to give me ride home!! got home slightly earlier than usual. -so touched-

both of them aint living near me at all.. and i appreciate the gesture loads even tho the driver seemed to be driving in circles in hougang.. then jalan kayu, n tpe before hitting sle then yishun!! i prob be home much earlier if i was the one driving the car. i think i have a better sense of direction. heh.

today, im gonna meet chin yau for dinner. and hopefully have enough time for me to shop around for a coat and a dress. havent gotten anything to wear to ivy’s wedding.. and suddenly it seems so near since i have to prepare for the trip AND the wedding.

seeing the events planned up in my organiser.. im freaking out knowing that i dont have much time left.. here’s my calendar for the next few days..
wed nite – meeting agnes for jogging
thurs nite – meeting mich for dinner
fri day – going for 2 hours of badminton game with my colleagues
sat – work in the morning, rebonding session in the afternoon (likely to take at least 6 hrs according to the condition of my hair)
sun – got a secret date.. *wink*
mon nite – jap class again..
tue nite – nothing for now
wed nite – more jogging..

i rather not think abt it for now.. yee n goo are popping here next week from the states.. kinda excited to see them again..

and oh.. i was so hooked the “mystery of time and space”.. another of those find the items and escape the room thingy games. but this is more challenging i guess.. so hard to stop. the best part is that u can always stop playing, close the window and start again from the level u last exited. got me so glued that i cant concentrate on my work!

oh.. the rain has stopped.. am waiting for the receptionist to come back from her lunch. poor girl, alone today. got to man the hotline, attend to guest at the front door and make sure everything is fine. kinda tough, but she’s really good in her job. best that i’ve seen so far here. im falling asleep to the quiet surroundings here and a darn full stomach. besides, there’s no msn to curb my boredom..