im a cheater..

after getting michie’s message of her solving the crimson room.. i decided to google for the answer.. hehe. the suspense is just killing me.

and so.. i found the way out of the room. always trust google when in need. *wink* and i think it’s a little lame cos i doubt i’ll get it even if i dun cheat. the url on the memo has a clue, but the url aint working anymore.. so, its so hard to even solve it!

for those of you who wanna try solving it.. the clue is at the mystery box.

anyway, the sequel to the crimson room is the Viridian Room. this is loads more challenging than the crimson room.. you’ll need to collect a total of 18 items.. have fun challenging your brain over the weekend!

im so hungry now. wish i didnt have to waste my time here in the office. staring at my computer and waiting for time to pass.. -stomach groaning-