churning tummy..

today presents many un-expected twists. despite getting much sleep the day before, i still woke up late. but still, i didnt manage to be really late. was abt 5 mins late.

first thing first, im going to portugal for 12 days!!! yipee!! the trip was a last min decision and i almost couldnt go. granduncle had the dates 16, 22 and 30 may for the trip. i was fighting for 30th so i can go.. since ivy’s wedding on the 22nd, but uncle fong cant make it. ;( mum was pushing me to go and telling me to explain to ivy abt not making it to her wedding.. and i was telling mum that if it is late night flight on 22nd, i might be able to go.. she called my granduncle early this morning and so it turns out.. its a 11pm flight!! im going to miss part of the wedding dinner.. but that’s LOADS better than either missing the wedding or missing the trip! but i was already telling mum that i rather be at ivy’s wedding than head for portugal, coz i can always make another trip and there will only be 1 ivy’s wedding, besides.. its the first among the sisters!!

the morning in the office started off with an unexpected meeting. and so, the bank has approved a buyer for the company and we will be going through a period of evaluation and observation. so, im supposed to be goody good shoes for the next 2 weeks. please bear with me if i dun respond on msn during office hours. i dunno who will be watching my back this time.

im having mixed feelings abt the buy-over. im estatic that its finally happening, and maybe i’ll get to work in a more serious-like, get down to business environment with more challenges, but it also dawned on me that i might lose some colleagues since everyone will be evaluated and given a new contract once the buy-over is complete. For all i know, i might be asked to leave too. who knows? heard the buyer is intending to bring over a whole new team and departmentalize every dept.. but i wont be too upset if that happens. heh, those who are close to me would know why..

and the observation is to start today. how great! with me so casually clad in a tank top and a mini fraying skirt (one of my super caual dressing). oh well.. nothing much i can change into rite? -sigh-

then my hp beep and i saw “cliff hp” blinking in my face. i answered the call, half thinking that he might have dialed the wrong number. and so, i was wrong. he was around the area and asked me out for lunch! Hmm.. did i hear wrongly? i brought lunch leh.. thankfully.. all my colleagues decided to lunch in and i donated my lunch to joycelyn!! she didnt order/bring food and the rest of my colleagues brought their own.. hehe. i didnt know if its suited to her taste, but i did tried and i dunno what’s wrong with mummy today!! the fish is SooOOoooOOOoo salty!! i hope joycelyn didnt have a bad time with it.

anyway.. i decided to go lunch with cliff. i just felt weird that he asked and i tot if he has anything to ask me. so, as it seemed.. i was paranoid. it was purely just a lunch date, coz he’s so bored to have lunch alone!!

i met up with chloe after work at bugis. on my way there, i received a msg from chiew yen and she has given birth to a baby girl!! so excited, but aww.. im not sure if i can make it to visit her coz im supposed to meet agnes for jogging tomorrow nite. =( feel a bit bad coz i promised her that i’ll rush down to see her the moment she gives birth..

anyway, i havent really caught up with chloe for so many years.. and it just seemed that the years faded between us once we met. talked so much abt our poly days.. the people in the class and how they have been going on. yeah.. gossiping. heh. the good old days of poly year 1.. prob the most united class in poly that i ever had.

it was 9+ and i simply lost track of time. i was constantly reminding myself that i had to head home early today.. so, we parted shortly after and i rocked my way home alone on the train coz chloe still had to go back to her office to do some work.

back at home.. my tummy churned and im feeling so unwell.. gotta hide in bed with my dan brown book now.. time to head for dreamland too.. supposed to be early for work.. under observation you know.. sigh..