fantastic weekend..

the past weekend was fantastic. the first contributing factor is that there’s no need to work TODAY!!

before i pen down the events of the past weekend.. this special day happen to be the birthday of not 1, but two of my friends!!


may all your days be filled with happiness and stay cheerful always!

sat nite was filled with fun, laughter and enjoyment. joined the girls at the hotel and had fun preparing and dressing for the occasion. all of us had makeup slathered on our faces, and glitter all over. had a sucky buffet dinner but it was still fun.. the gossiping with the girls abt the restuarant crew esp. the captain.. critizing the food.. taking pictures..

we all havent partied in a long time, and didnt know where to go. finally settled at O bar for its cheap drinks. partytime was pretty wild with us playing drinking games. aww.. we wanted to get ivy drunk but ended up with pei drinking the most. hehe. i wanted so much to get drunk.. but somehow.. i seemed to be sober still. i was watching the pool players pitting their skills when this guy kept poking his fingers on my arms. he tried to strike a conversation, but i find it so bored. pretend to look distracted and pretend to start a conversation with the girls instead… each time my conversation halted.. i find the fingers poking at me again!!

in my mind was.. “argh, doesnt this guy has MORE tact?” simply irritating the hell out of me.. and the best part is he’s aint good looking at all.. at least not to me and i was just entertaining him with short answers to his never-ending questions. i wished he would leave me alone. when we finally left the club for a karaoke session, he left me his number as well, and no.. im not interesting in calling him at all. he can try picking up other girls at the club. heh.

pei didnt join us for karaoke. she had classes the next day and the most important thing is that her head is spinning so much. poor girl. became the victim to the drinking game. shucks, we should have conspired before starting the game. it was my idea so that the drinking is at a much faster pace and i was thinking of getting drunk myself.

karaoke singing at partyworld was a blur for me. i was so tired from sleeping only 4 hours the night before, i laid down on the sofa to rest.. and the alcohol started to hit me. i didnt know what i was singing thereafter. hehe. i think i must have sucked when i sang, but still i was enjoying myself and drifting in and out of sleep.. towards the end.. i got so alert that when everyone is tired.. im energized.

took a cab back to the hotel, removed makeup.. changed, cleaned up and slumped on the bed to sleep.. it was about 5.45am, but i was wide awake. somehow.. reality hit me again and i didnt feel like sleeping. i stared at the darkness for a long time.. and drifted into dreamland after a while.

im quite a light sleeper and each time shuyu stirred in bed.. it woke me. i didnt had much sleep coz she stirred quite often. at 9+, i was fully awake but stayed in bed still.. listening to the sounds of the city bustling 24 storey below. at 10am.. all the girls woke and ivy & shuyu headed for the hotel breakfast while wenjing & me stayed in bed waiting for BK breakfast from the girls.

it felt like we were overseas. feeling so relaxed and just lazing around. one by one we went to shower and i got a call from raphael. the girls all had plans for the day already and i got myself a lunch date with raph. i left the girls at the hotel at 1.25pm and headed to sommerset to meet raph. had a really filling lunch at jack’s place and heading home in the train right after. raph was rushing for this bbq with his colleagues in woodlands.

back at home.. i logged onto the net and saw moses on msn. heh. its a rare sight to catch him online. chatted for a while and we decided to meet up for pool. so at 5.45pm, he came over to fetch me and we went to play pool. after at least 26 matches of pool, i lost and was supposed to treat dinner and movie. aww. it was tremedously fun tho the venue had caused a tug at my heart.. reminding me of some events that happened just a week before.

dinner at simply thai sucks, but it gave me an opportunity of chatting with moses. despite having known him for the last 13 years, i seldom chatted with him alone. not in the last 2 years at least. it somehow reminded me of the days when we were in sec 1.. the then innocent and young me.. hehe.. and all the happenings at 1E corner. just brings a smile to my face thinking abt it.

we dropped the idea of a movie. there arent any nice shows showing at bugis and moses didnt want to watch a midnight and we already missed all the 9+ shows. so home we headed.

back at home.. im so worn out that i fell asleep in an awkward position while i was reading a book. i left my computer on and i woke this morning seeing a lot of msn msgs being sent to me. hehe.

spent the entire day at home.. catching up on my sleep.. getting a headache and had a super strong craving for ben & jerrys ice cream!! argh. i wish i can gobble down a tub this very instance, but at the back of my mind… the weight issue is bugging me. and that, has kept me from running downstairs to grab a tub.

another weird feeling is tugging at my heart. a distant longing for somebody. a weird sense of loss. but still, im happy and i believe life will still go on and the globe still orbits no matter what, rite? 😛
here are some of the photos that i took over the weekend.. there are loads more, but the girls has requested not to be posted on the blog. so, here’s what i can show!