pleasant weekend..

wei is now in japan. i havent heard from him since he left. i think he tried to call me today but i was in jap class and didnt know the phone rang. argh!

anyway, i went tomb sweeping in the afternoon and spent the rest of the sat at home sorting out 300+ photos that i developed. how nice to see some of them.. taken some years back.. like 2002. hee.

spent sunday with ant.. for almost 9 hours.. we were at esplanade.. catching up on each other, just enjoying each other’s company. here are some of the photos that i took!

he bought me some presents from his iraq peace making mission trip.. i love them all.. how nice of him rite? i love presents! haha.. anyway, here’s one of them.. named pouty and she’s gonna join my bunch of sleeping pals on my bed. aint she cute?

i’m so beat that i hardly have the energy to blog.. im barely keeping awake. had a long sucky day in the office after having loads of butter slapped on me.. and jap class. i finished learning the whole textbook that i have got and the test is in 7 days time. time to stay home and mug already.

here’s more photos tho.. pictures of the disney ice.. excluded all those of the show coz it’s simply too dark to see a thing clearly. 🙁

its time for bed. i barely surviving against the Z monster. sweetie dreams to all.