Quake + upsetting news..

heard about the quake last night and it got my aunt (the one in seattle) all jittery about it. my mum, she’s on a cruise somewhere out in the sea, heading towards melacca area and im not sure if she’s fine since i couldnt get her on her mobile (no network) and she hasnt called me as yet.

this afternoon, the same aunt told me abt my grandpa being admitted into hospital in Kluang. it made my view of the office murky when i heard it. its sounds quite bad, and it’s supposed to be some heart related problem. my grandpa was in hospital alone and no one was with him and he had to take a cab there himself with swollen legs. knowing that he always downplay his illness, it made me even more worried.

dwelling on the matter only made things worst. i lost the mood to work and had the sudden urge of dumping everything im doing, take half a day’s leave and head home for my passport and head to grandpa’s home. the only thing that held me back was..i dun have a car to drive UP! and its too inaccessible via public transport.. and i’m like an ant on a hot pan.. getting frantic with my wild imagination.

i had to make a call to talk to my aunt in KL to find out more details and make sure that someone is there looking out for grandpa, and it was only then that i felt a little better.

thanks to all those that talked to me, comforted me and kept my imagination at bay.
appreciate it loads. im feeling much much at ease now. grandpa’s gonna see a specialist doctor in JB tomorrow.. so im praying that nothing major will happen till he sees the doc tomorrow. *keeping my fingers crossed*

i went for my last yoga class tonight, and no, im have no intention to continue into the intermediate level as yet. its too far and inconvenient for me to take it in toa payoh.. i’ll take it again somewhere near my house when i get my jap straight first. now, its hard juggling both on consecutive days and its really really tiring.

dinner was just a simple bread. supposed to be 2, but i donated one of it to my brother. i remember having something in mind to blog about, but as i was msning with my friends.. and updating my brother abt my grandpa, i forgot what i wanted to blog about initially. argh. guess im simply too tired.

it’s time to visit the sandman now. retiring to my cool little room. nite nite.