was talking to eddie last night and he mentioned that i own a kindergarden. note: it’s a garden, not garten! anyway, he’s trying to say i have a kiddish blog and i am very much like a kid and yes! i agree totally.

i must be deeply influenced by my brother who has worked in toy ‘r’ us for at least 10 years during my growing up years.. you know, their advertising jingles..”i dun wanna grow up.. i am a toys r us kid!” and i even have those exclusive t-shirts that says the exact same thing and still have them today. haha.

most of the time, i think being a kid is a fortunate thing. even tho i dont have a pretty childhood to reminicse about, i missed the days where the world seemed a much better place to live in through the eyes of a little innocent being. the evils of human-doings aint showing as bluntly as the way i see them now and best of all, hardly any worries except on how to escape that cane in my mum’s hands. that, now that i think of it, could be the reason why i ran so fast and became part of the school athletes team.

tho it’s aint very much possible to stay young and innocent all the time, especially with the demands of the working world.. i’m trying to preserve a little bit of that innocence when it comes to other things, like my blog.