Dragging a heavy heart around…

Another month nearing its end. The weekend had been quite a boring one. Spent good friday staying indoors the whole day, sat helping wei to do his project and sunday roaming the streets of orchard road alone in the afternoon and meeting janice for snooker in amk during the evening.

life seemed to be full of turns and twists when the least expected news hits your face like a huge wave closing in. it’s been a hard close to the end of last week and a bad start today with a heavy heart.

i cant seemed to find anything happy about to make me feel a little more cheery this morning except that i finally heard from ant after a week of silence.

mum’s away on a cruise and i wont be having home-cooked lunches for this week. starting to miss her already.

got a new staff in the office today.. so i’ve decided to keep my blog entry short. will try to update when i get a chance to.