what a gay day!

I’m feeling good today.. for once in a long time, early morning at work? I woke up feeling tired as usual, but decided to dress to pamper myself. So, i came to work in a tube with a flower laced brooch, a new beige 3/4 pants that i bought last weekend, my newest pair of vnc shoes and a off white shawl draped over my shoulders. not that it looked anything spectacular(even tho im gorgeous most of the time), but it just made me feel good and i would say, it’s quite elaborate considering the industrial place (with all the lorries zooming pass outside on the roads) that i work in and in comparison to what my colleagues would usually wear.

someone is on leave for the morning and that’s prob. made my morning into a even better one. If i’m a bird, i’m sure the people around me will hear me chirping loudly. hee.

yesterday was a welcoming change for a weekday. despite the fact that i SKIPPED yoga, i wasn’t a bit guilty about it! i had a date with wei.. and yes, im overjoyed. we met at plaza sing, waited in the starhub queue for eons and was upset that ichiban sushi was closed (to think i just went there to dine with michie less than 2 weeks ago!), still, it didnt spoil my day. i guess its due to wei’s company.

I feel worried for wei. he’s flying off to japan next weekend for a week (for work) and he has so many classes and projects to manage and the deadlines are crashing with his trip and to top it all, he has to attend RT as well since he was injured the last time he took his IPPT. i can feel his desperation at the way things are going at work and study, and the fact that both of it are draining him.. i just hope that he’ll be able to pull it off. i prob will break down and cry if i were him.. with 3 projects on hand to complete before he flies off and whole day intensive classes over the coming weekend, and 2 hair shows on top of his normal lessons. that, is a huge stress for him to manage and it also puts me out of his schedule. haha.. but, i’ll grit my teeth and be the understanding gf and dream of the day when i’ll be invited to his graduation ceremony!

Wow.. i just realised that i spent the whole morning just reeling in my happiness and it’s almost lunchtime. got to get some work done now, tho i still have much to say.

am thinking of heading to town tonight for some retail therapy, but im broke! any sponsors out there?

hmm.. ant is finally back in sing! docked last weekend and i wanted to date him tonight, but no reply from him as yet.. oh god, where has my little ant friend went to?