tiring weekend..

it’s been some time since i last updated my blog. i have been occupied with the da vinci code the last few days while im home after work. finally finished it this morning and really enjoyed the book. loads of twists n turns + interesting facts, it got me so glued that i neglected my blog. hee.

gonna read “memoirs of a geisha” by arthur golden next. got the book last monday while strolling in heartland mall waiting for time to pass before heading for my jap class. i just realised i spent quite a fare bit of my disposable income on books this month.. Hmm..

the weekend was tiring as usual since i had to work on saturday morning. spent the afternoon reading da vinci code in wei’s house before heading to Expo to meet pei & ray for Disney on ice. err, a little disappointing for me tho. the setting was smaller than i expected it to be and it’s really quite similar to those parades/shows that disneyland has round the clock. i guess that’s disney’s trademark. ha. pei & ray took some photos with their cammie and im waiting for her to send it to me.. so that i can post them here.

the night was spent at partyworld @ shenton way singing away and celebrating david’s birthday. Quite an unexpected celebration decided last min, so i didnt bring a cammie along to take photos. headed towards a karaoke pub near SGH after partyworld and it’s more drinking + singing.. i was so beat at around 3+ having slept only 3 hours the nite before. slumped into bed near 5am.

it’s only a couple of hours later that i woke to the ringing of my phone. my production crew called me at 8.45am on a SUNDAY MORNING!!!! and the thing that angered me most was that it wasnt a matter under my charge and i had to refer him to another colleague. i was SO TIRED!

tried to sleep and i woke up in pain at 12+.. suffered stomach cramps that surged through my body, almost killing me. i rolled in bed for hours, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. all was in vain and i finally woke up and fumbled in wei’s first aid box for panadol. popped one and stayed in bed waiting for pain to go away. only then, did i manage to grab a little more sleep.

woke in the evening and realised the day is almost over. dragged wei out of bed for dinner at J8, a little shopping around and headed back home to do my jap homework. super tired now. anyway, here’s some photos for viewing!

shannon finally sent me the photos we took when cheng chieh and mei fen came over to singapore during the chinese new year period…

here’s some pictures of the lunches that mum has been cooking for me..

and finally, some pictures of the fish leong’s concert that i took…