stoning cherie..

after a hectic lifestyle in the past weeks.. i truely enjoy stoning at home. not having to rush here and there.. and seeing loads of housework (in my room) undone.

i just finished reading the storybook of the current movie Boogeyman yesterday. pretty cool story, but the ending a little abrupt. am waiting to watch the movie with wei.. hopefully can catch it this weekend.. but i’ll got to keep my fingers crossed. he’s got intensive classes and i hope he wont be too tired after.

i’m now reading the da vinci code by dan brown. a lot of people prob read it already, and i’m jumping into the bangwagon. But, in my viewpoint, it’s nothing more than just a novel. i love reading anyway.. STORY books only. heh.

i’m having an internal battle within myself about my job. I guess i really need to sit down and think what i really want for myself in the future. a little lost here and there, but i’m sure. someday, i’ll find my way thru.

jap test in less than 3 weeks and i’m having difficulty doing the homework already. looks like i really need to sit down and spend some time studying and revising and practising.

raphael commented to me that he had a good laugh looking at my growing up pictures and i’m sure many of you did too.. especially when some of them are really “chow”-looking. he, also commented that he finally knew when the “boom” period is.. haha. i hope, it has provided some entertainment for you too.

Hmm.. got to go and immerse myself in my story book and temporary forget abt the things in the surroundings. good nite world.