Sucky morning..

I had a sucky morning. as much as im not in the mood to breathe a single word, i have to start answering questions the moment i am at the bus stop.

stepped into the office feeling already pissed from the events before, more sucky things befall on me. cy was not here so i had to do her daily ritual of collecting the money from the logistics guys.. then went on to answer questions and ever-demanding requests of my outlet personnels. i seriously do not understand why they do not have the word WAIT in their dictionary? Does it kill them to even wait a day or 2? How can i, someone with only 2 hands and a mind that’s constantly working non-stop to accede to their demands — the production crew, the logistic crew, my superior, my OWN marketing department work, customer service role that was cast upon me without my consent/agreement, the ever pilling accounts department workload, the auditors and on top of that, lend a supporting hand to the telemarketing department? and the bad thing is everyone is constantly breathing down my neck for their stuff and i’m constantly being bugged for thngs that i simply have no time for. why cant they understand? There can only be 1 cherie.

i am so stretched and i dont like it. It’s no longer within my means to achieve everything and i gave up trying. i don’t really see the point now. i have indeed lost sight of my goals and lost direction of my work. i no longer love working as it wasn’t what i wanted to do anymore.

anyway, i gathered much feedback from my friends.. and NONE, encouraged me to stay. Not a single one. i, too believe it’s soon to get out of this place.

on a happier note, i heard from ant on friday nite! I was starting to get worried that i havent heard from him for a long time and he didnt reply my smses.. now that i heard from him, i think i can sleep more peacefully at nite.. and he’s on his way back!! i’ll get to see him real soon and be able to sit down and have a nice chat/meal.

i better stop blogging now. much to do on hand and even as i blog, the workload is constantly at the back of my head.