Anson + Cuiting’s Union..

here are some of the photos that i took.. didnt take many.. dunno why! Hurmph!

I wouldnt say i didnt enjoy myself and i wouldnt say it was a perfect night either. the food wasnt really fantastic and considering the price factor, i would say its quite bad.. but, still edible.

the air con was really disappointing.. everyone seemed to be complaining abt the heat.. and the service was worse. everytime my tea cup/water glass is empty.. i had to keep asking for refills. the waitresses/waiters aint friendly at all.. black faces and some of them just threw the plate on the table. duhz! and to think there were only 20 tables!!

it could be that because its shang, my expectations were higher. not that i wasnt there before.. been there many times for events while i was with ap comm, but it’s really not even comparable to the services of hyatt and mariott hotel.. *sigh*

anyway, despite the flaws induced by the hotel n its services.. the crowd has been a merry one and i had fun..chatting.. mixing around.. checking out the brides.. downing red wine and chatting with the gang that came from kuantan.

there were many distinguished guest.. mostly business associates of anson and his anson from many countries..(e.g m’sia, china, australia, and i cant remember the rest from the speech of anson’s dad) as well as “datok”(s)..

headed up for drinks at BLU right after the dinner.. and i guess the merry mood was so great that it turned the ambience from an enchanting experience to one that’s rowdy and merry and plus the fact that there were so many of us!!

drank quite a bit there and decided to bring the kuantan gang to some happening partying places since they played host while we were in kuantan.. wanted to head for chinablack (matches the guests’ choice of music), but the queue freaked us out.. so is the same for devils. not wanting to wait, we headed for MS and after popping in a couple of them, they decided to stay at CU. haha.. i guess the bar top dancing was something REALLY interesting for the kuantan crowd. they were kinda mesmerized with it.. kuantan definitely dun have stuff like that!!

it was more fun + merry till wei was carried by one of the guys and they threw him onto the bar top! i had to admit that at that very moment, i kinda felt uncomfortable.. seeing what the dancer did the the guys previously.. i really didnt feel good. but then again.. i decided, its supposed to be a night of fun and casted the uncomfortable feeling aside and enjoy the show.. i got to admit, that wei’s pretty sporting and that’s prob. one of the reasons that i fell for him.

was really beat then.. so tired after waking at 8am in the morning.. i struggled thru supper and went back to shang to collect wei’s car and drove wei’s car back home. yes.. i drank and drove. but i was feeling fine, really!

its yet another start of the week in another 8 hours.. and i guess its time for bed now..