feeling queasy..

[ im hearing | colleague quarrelling on the phone ]

there’s this sharp pain in my lower abdomen since this morning. i have no idea what’s causing the pain. i hope it is not what i guess it is.

had a late lunch and am now suffering from gastic pains and on top of that, a throbbing headache. my world seemed to spin each time i make a loud action. i guess my blood pressure’s pretty low too. argh! it’s a friday.. but i cant bring a smile to my face with these queasiness. what’s more, the thought of working tomorrow saddens me! sigh.

-takes a deep breath and tries to smile-

it’s a slow afternoon and the minutes are just so hard to get by today. wonder why. i’m gonna meet jac for a little shopping later and i’m predicting that she’s gonna be late. i hope i’ll be wrong. not in mood to roam alone on the streets. will prob explode if i were to wait for her. (the last time we met up, i waited for 2 hrs!)

-waiting for the minutes to pass soon-