low spirits..

here i am blogging away first thing in the morning after my daily ritual of visiting the logistics people before they leave the office. i’m feeling lethargic. it suddenly dawned on me, where have all my hyperactiveness gone to? am i becoming too bored a person? or has the boring job been turning me into a boring person?

i simply have to lug myself to work everyday. each morning, the alarm clock goes off at 7.15am. i’ll stop it and head back to bed. then my hp alarm goes off in another 10 mins. i’ll snooze it till it’s almost 7.45am. i’ll sit up in bed and THINK of excuse not to come work. NO EXCUSE TODAY. heaved a big sigh and stumbled to the closet to think of what to wear. struggled to the bathroom but look at my bed longingly.

i hate this feeling. i lost all the enthusiastic feeling of coming to work. i wonder if it’s the environment, the things i do or the people here that’s making me feel this way. or maybe, it’s just everything combined together. i got to spend the next few days.. deciding what i want. i cant let this drag me down. i got to find an escape route somewhere.

i reached the office at almost 9am and this has been going on for some time. no one scolded me, and to tell the truth, i couldnt care less. every evening, i leave the office on the DOT. staying here for a few more minutes irks me so much.

anyway, my company is hiring someone to do accounts. the current person is going for maternity in abt 2 months time. anyone with accounts background, LCCI, ITE certicate can email me for details. those with diploma need not apply, unless u are looking for a temp job. ha. i mean, all the diploma grads prob. wont enjoy working here. (i have my reason for saying this, but dun ask me what.)

I brought my lunch today again. wow! if this goes on, i’ll be rich, coz i only spent $1.66 yesterday on transport to and fro from my hse. the thought of this perks me up a little! *grinz*

-imagining myself as a rich kid-

the time has come. i’ve to move to the seat at the accounts dept. gonna miss my friends on my table for a while.