stoning in the office..

I’m constantly tearing.. as i sit on a blue chair in the accounts department, clearing a box of paperwork.

i have no idea why im so tired and i’m struggling to keep my mind + eyes awake every moment. i’m tearing so much that i’m starting to have a runny nose. looks like i’m sick, with a tisse in hand and looking lethargic.

i was telling pei abt the collage on wakeboarding and i realised that there were actually more photos.. i was supposed to do another collage on the rest of the photos.. but somehow.. they slipped my mind.. i guess i was too tired last nite.. was so happy when i finished that collage that i loaded it up, did a quick blog and shut the computer down.

started doing my jap homework on my bed last nite and it was only less than 5 questions that i started snoozing. argh.

i totally agree with weiyi. If only, humans need not sleep.